Top 7 Nepali Foods for Baby Shower

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a way for your loved ones to express their happiness during pregnancy. Organizing a baby shower allows you to spend more time with expectant and shower them with presents, love and well wishes.

In most Nepalese communities, there used to be a celebration called “Dahi Chiura” in the past days when the family, especially pregnant women’s side, prepared for the function with delicious meals. Celebration of a baby shower has evolved with the time in the Nepalese community and especially those living abroad do not want to miss it. Celebrating a party with family and friends, fancy decoration, fancy foods, and even a fancy banquet is on-trend nowadays. 

Baby Shower Catering Food
Baby Shower Catering

Following the trend is fun. However, booking a celebration hall, preparing food, and managing the whole baby shower event might be quite hectic for the expectant parents. Even if the family and friends plan to throw parties for the parents, managing events out of your regular schedule tend to be chaotic. Therefore, ordering foods from a caterer helps you organize your baby shower event mindfully and without any chaos. 

How does a caterer help to plan your baby shower?

Contacting a caterer makes your event planning easy because the caterer takes responsibility for preparing delicious meals according to you and your guests’ needs. It can also help you book a hall for the event and decorate it according to your theme and requirements. When you hire a caterer to manage your event, you can give your time to yourself and your guests while the caterer is responsible for serving food and drinks to your guests. A reliable caterer makes your baby shower event look beautiful and exciting. 

Whether you are a Nepali living in Australia or a local who wants to have authentic Nepali food for your baby shower event, the Nepali catering service can meet your expectations undoubtedly. You will get the food items for your event depending on the courses of menu you choose to have. Let us look at some of the top Nepali food for baby showers. 

Top 7 Nepali Foods for Baby Shower

1. Vegetable Pakoda

If you plan to have an appetizer for your baby shower, Pakoda is undoubtedly great. Pakoda is one of the popular Nepali foods usually served as snacks. It is made with a deep-fried mixed vegetable fritter. It is basically served with tomato chutney which tangles the taste. Whether your guests in the baby shower event are vegetarian or not, this vegetable Pakoda is one of the Nepali food that hits the taste. You will not regret having Pakoda as an appetizer for your celebration. 

2. Chicken Choila 

Choila is one of the most popular as well as most liked Nepali food among the Nepali community. Choila is a Nepali food that evolved from the Newari community of Nepal. However, it has gained popularity among other communities as well. It is made with a grilled boneless chicken marinated with authentic Nepali spices. For your baby shower, Choila makes a perfect appetizer. 

3. Pulau

Pulau is a common Nepali food that is served in almost every event as the main course. Pulau is traditionally made by steaming Basmati rice along with the added flavors of spices and dry nuts. However, along with the time, the ingredients mixed in Pulau have also changed. Some people prefer to mix green peas in Pulau, while others choose to combine grated carrots. Either way, the Pulau is made, it is definitely a loved Nepali food and a must-have in the baby shower as the main dish. 

4. Rajma 

Rajma refers to red kidney beans. Red kidney beans are soaked in water for a few hours to make them softer. It is then slow-cooked with added Nepalese spices. Rajma is considered a king of curry among the vegetarian curries and is one of the most loved vegetarian curries among vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. Some would love to mix Panner with Rajma, while others may want it plain. Either way complements well with plain rice or Pulau. Serving this Nepali food for your guests in your baby shower is indeed an accomplishment. 

5. Chicken Curry

A mouth-watering authentic Nepalese curry simmered and sauteed with onion and tomato-based sauces will trigger the ambiance of your event. Chicken curry is standard in Nepali households and goes well with rice varieties. If you are a Nepali food lover, this chicken curry is primary for your baby shower party. You and your guests hardly would not like this curry cooked with authentic Nepalese spices.

6. Goat Curry 

When you are a Nepali living in Australia, you might be craving authentic Nepali food. You may miss the goat curry that you used to have while in Nepal. But when you order your food from a Nepali catering service in Australia, your expectation is sure to meet. Goat meat which is slow-cooked with some herbs and homemade spices makes your baby shower party the complete one. Goat curry complements well with varieties of rice. 

7. Momos 

Momo is not just the best Nepali food. It is more than that, an emotion to the whole Nepalese probably. If you are throwing a baby shower party, having momos as a starter will undoubtedly make all of your guests happy. Additionally, if you have children at your party, momo can be served as a kids menu as well. It is because it isn’t so much hot and spicy unless served with hot chutney. The fillings in the momo can be customized as per your desire. 

The baby shower is a way of celebrating pregnancy. It is specially organized to shower love, blessings and gifts to the parents to be. Having many guests at the baby shower party makes things a little complicated because you need time to prepare food for them and manage the whole event. When you hire a Nepali caterer, it makes your planning a lot easier. Nepali caterers in Australia can provide you with Authentic Nepali food that you and your guests will surely love.

There are numerous Nepali food varieties available apart from the foods mentioned above. You can tailor your food choice to serve at your baby shower party. You and your guests will love having authentic Nepali food at your party. Khaja can help you choose food as per your choice. 



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