5 Nepali Authentic Foods For Your Birthday Party catering

Are you struggling with choosing good foods for your birthday celebration? Choosing good food for the birthday party can be really frustrating. 

Khaja can help you list out the ideas for an amazing birthday party celebration. We provide a variety of food items according to your needs. Our chefs can provide a variety of vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian, and gluten-free dishes. With a customized menu, your guest will be able to enjoy their favorite food item. For the preparation of the party menu according to your need, our team works closely with you to know exactly what you want.

Nepali Food for birthday party
Samosa for your Birthday Party Catering

Celebrate your birthday with the foods that give you a homely feeling. All you need to do is bring the candles and the gift; we will take care of the rest. 

1. Dal Bhat 

The major food of Nepal, Dal Bhat, often excites everyone. This traditional Nepali food served with side dishes that include spinach, pickles, curry, and salad can be a great pick for your birthday dinner. Enjoy the combination of Dal Bhat with an authentic Nepalese taste on your birthday with us. We work on modifying the menu of Dal Bhat as per the needs of the clients for dinner. The cuisine is healthy, filling, and tasty. This traditional Nepali food beats all other recommendations for a birthday dinner. 

2. Momos

How can you miss momos while you plan for your birthday party? Momo is one of the most popular and fall-time favorite food of the Nepalese community. It is undoubtedly one of the favorite Nepali food. Taking care of the needs of our customers, we suggest you Momo as a snack for your birthday party. 

Momo comes in varieties, and our customers can pick one as per their choice. 

3. Samosa

One of the most enjoyed snacks of Nepal, Samosa is an all-time favorite dish of Nepalese. The love triangle stuffed with the blend of onion, chili, bean, ginger, potato, cumin, and bean wrapped within a dough makes a great snack. This authentic Nepali food tastes amazing when taken with curry or tea. 

4. Choila 

Choila is one of the popular Newari dishes in Nepal. It is one of the desired, and popular appetizers commonly served with beaten rice. Over time, it has gained popularity as a snack for events as well. 

Traditionally, the Newari-style Choila was prepared with buffalo meat. However, these days it can be made with various other meat as well. There are two types of Choila prepared, Mana Choila and Haku Choila. Mana Choila is cooked by boiling the meat in the water, and Haku Choila is cooked by roasting a lump of meat in the hay fire, which is the traditional way. It is prepared by roasting meat and provides a tangy, smoky flavor.

If you are looking to serve your guests with a portion of authentic Nepali food, Choila will never fail to impress their tastebuds. 

5. Sadheko Sukuti 

If you and your guests are fond of meat items, we have the best dish for you. Sadheko Sukuti will undoubtedly win your heart. It is delicious, spicy, and tangy. This dish is prepared by mixing dried meat with raw onions, little species, and chillis. The dish takes your experience to a whole new level. It can be made in a variety of ways and is accompanied by pickles, beaten rice, carrot, cucumber, and radish. However, we can customize the menu for you. 

Other than these, you can choose between a variety of our packages for your birthday party celebration. We offer other varieties of dishes like; pakoda, aloo dum, mix achar, furandana, chicken curry, rajma, pulau, and tomato achar served in authentic Nepalese style. It is one of the authentic Nepali foods. 

Choose between the variety of packages with Khaja and celebrate your birthday in an authentic Nepalese style. 


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