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Khaja is a word that resides in the mind of every hungry Nepalese.Khaja was launched in 2021 to reach the Nepalese community in Sydney and fulfill the needs of the Nepali Catering Service in Australia. With the growing number of Nepalese in Sydney, there has been an increase in the number of caterers as well. We are a team of Nepalese caterers serving Nepali households for events like baby showers, marriage ceremonies, and birthday parties.

Why Khaja for catering service in Australia?

Khaja team has explored food from different caterers in Sydney and found the food was missing the taste and consistency. We believe that consistency is the key to serving significant events.

At the very top list of your priorities while you select a catering service should be the quality of food so that it does not hamper the event you are planning. Outlooking the needs of Nepali people and their needs of catering services, Khaja is working to provide high-quality food with no room for compromise. Also, the cost of service at Khaja is optimal.

We take care of your special needs and plan the food as per your dietary needs. Also, we look after the fact that not everyone will be able to eat the same kind of food. We can prepare food options for kids and people with medical, health, religious restrictions.

Khaja aspires to be one of the biggest catering services in Sydney with a primary aim to provide good quality foods to people.


Jyoti Khadka

Highly recommended Nepalese food catering for authentic Nepalese taste

Gaurab Manandhar

The food was really delicious beyond my expectation. Very authentic, Highly recommended!

Pramesh Khadka

Delicious food and great service. Thank you.

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